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China and Greece both eye Nigeria

SuperSport.com can report that two nations, China and Greece have proposed friendly games to Nigeria.

A third country, Gabon have also got in contact with the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to play the Super Eagles in a warm-up game.

China, Gabon and Greece are proposing to face Nigeria’s Super Eagles in August, according to a top official of the football federation.

“There are friendly matches in the offing for the Super Eagles in the month of August. The team hasn’t been short of such offers. China, Greece and Gabon are among the countries proposing to face the Super Eagles.

“But for now, nothing has been decided because the proposals have just been made and the federation is studying them,” the NFF official informed on Saturday.

Attempts by SuperSport.com to clarify this development yielded no fruit, as key officials of the NFF did not respond to their telephones.

The NFF is shopping for, at least, a friendly game before the Super Eagles play Liberia’s Lone Star in the final round of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations qualification.

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