Friday , September 22 2017
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Nigeria’s bishops take sides in country’s decentralization debate

YAOUNDE, Cameroon — Nothing has provoked national debate in recent times in Nigeria more than calls for re-structuring the country, usually in the direction of greater decentralization. Although there’s disagreement on the nature the re-structuring should take, there’s a general consensus that over-concentration of power isn’t good for Africa’s most …

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Insiders As Outsiders

Over the years, the recurrent themes at gatherings of the Ij­aw (Ezon) people include  marginalisation desp­ite producing most of the oil that susta­ins the country’s ec­onomy. They are about environmental  pollution, deprivati­on rather than deriv­ation and resource control. While such themes are not  totally misplaced, they mainly end up as …

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