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#234StarHelpline: I Can Never Watch Black Panther Again!

Adeolu has broken up with me, out of nowhere. We fucking spent the weekend together. We watched Black Panther three times in Ikeja! Like we do EVERYTHING together. I know everything about him. I know why he likes wearing the back of his boxers. I know how he got the scar on his big toe. I know when he wants to be left alone. I know when he is unhappy and how to knock him out of it. I know EVERY FUCKING THING! And now out of nowhere he says he does’t know what he feels for me anymore and I’m too good for him and he doesn’t want to waste my time. What the fucking fuck does that shit even mean? Can’t he just be a man and tell me what the problem is? Is there another woman that can do for him things I can’t do for him? That doesn’t even make sense? Like what can’t I do for him. What?

I’ve never been so open in my past relationship. I have never given it all without holding back, never been so proud I let everyone know even my father! We were perfect. So made for each other. We have our songs. When we are out everyone is just looking at us and admiring. Like what went wrong? We don’t even fight. We spent this weekend together, playing, watching black panther and just being happy. Of course I can never get myself to watch it again or play our songs or love again.

He won’t even pick my calls since yesterday.

Our Advice: I’m not even sure what you want to hear or how to say it you. This is truly sad but you sound angrier than sorrowful. You sound strong too and it’s time to use all the strength you can muster.  Life is such a bitch that just when you think you are having fruit salad, it serves you lemon juice.

The real sorrow will come later I tell you but I know all you can think of now is ‘why?’. It’s time to stop because you may never find the answer you seek, maybe not yet. Take a break, put away anything that reminds you of him; pictures, songs, movies, clothes, places, everything and try to clear your mind. Forgive him if you can or at least try to for your own sake. Cry If you must, talk to people who know you too if you can as well.

It’s going to be a long road but it will get better. Take time away from the life you know and do things that’d make you happy.

Don’t turn your back on love. You’ll kiss many frogs before you find your Prince.



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