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18 year-old phone thief dances round Warri market, swims inside mud

The Igbudu Market Vigilante on Tuesday December 5 nabbed and punished an 18 year-old-boy, Avwerosuo Esekomeh, for allegedly robbing a Pastor and imbecile of his mobile phone in Igbudu market on Monday December 3 at about 8pm in Warri.

DAILY POST reports that the suspect later joined neighbors at Old Welfare Street and mobilized in search of the phone which he allegedly stole from the imbecile preacher that night.

The imbecile preacher came back quickly, raised the alarm when he noticed the suspect was among those in search of his phone.

Victor Chukwu who preaches in Igbudu market on daily basis insisted that the suspect, Avwerosuo Esekome, was the real culprit who personally dispossessed him of his mobile phone.

But before neighbors could say anything, the suspect ran away only to sneak into the area this morning when he was caught and punished. He was made to swim inside the dirty gutters in Old Welfare Street.

The Vigilante later forced him to dance round Igbudu market, exclaiming, singing and denouncing stealing.

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